Lurs (or Lors) are an Iranian people living mainly in western and southwestern Iran. There is also a significant population of Lurs in eastern and central parts of Iraq The word Luristan or Lorestan, is attributed to the areas inhabited by the Lurs. The boundaries of Luristan stretch from the eastern Iraqi plains to the west and southwest of Iran. Today, Lorestan is the name of one of the western provinces of Iran. Luristan´s rugged terrain, which still bars easy access from Iraq, favored integrity of style. The Luri wool tends to be soft and shinny.

This saddlebag has been woven with the knotted technique at the front and with kilim for the back. All dyes are natural (with a beautiful  blue and green) and the wool is soft and shinny.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool

Size: 102×50 cms

Origin: Luri tribe, Iran

Date of weaving: 1950s or earlier


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