Trip to Iran and Turkey

Looking forward to leting you know about the exciting trip through southern Iran in search of antique and contemporary rugs and kilims that ended in Turkey. Due to the situation in the Middle East I was about to cancel the trip, but those of you who know me already know[...]

Winners of the San Sebastian Film Festival shop window competition!

We wanted to make this showcase fun and with a sense of humor, but also raising awareness about global warming. Nemo, due to the high temperatures in recent months, has migrated from Australia, its natural habitat, and has been sighted in La Concha Bay, as can be seen in our[...]

Nomada turns 25 (1997-2022)! 25 years having fun...

When you have a good time, time flies, but a quarter of a century has already passed since Nómada began its journey, and we continue with the same enthusiasm and desire to have fun as the first day. Here is a summary of the history of our store: Nerea Aguirre[...]

Restauration of Eduardo Chillida´s Homage to Cristóbal Balenciaga

Eduardo Chillida painted the cloth we are exhibiting at Nómada, with the occasion of the exhibition in Palacio Miramar from the 5th of November 1987 to the 10th of January 1988 in Homage to Cristóbal Balenciaga. The painting with the logo was created by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida with ink[...]