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Kilims or Gilims are flatwoven textiles with a woollen weft on a woollen, goat hair or cotton warp. There are many different techniques and designs. The weaver normally works within a tradition of techniques, motifs and designs specific to a particular area or ethnic group. The designs relate to her natural surroundings, protection, fertility and the harmony of family relationships. Each weaver adds something from her own creativity and sense of composition. Kilims are often woven as part of a marriage dowry and can be used to create many different objects like storage bags, horse-blankets, baby carriers, blankets and wall and floor coverings.

This vintage kilim was hand-woven on a simple loom by a village or nomadic weaver for her own use. Probably the weaver used wool from her own sheep. The wool was first cleaned, then hand-carded, hand-spun and finally dyed by hand, often using natural dye materials like roots, nuts, berries, fruits, flowers and plants. Kilims from the last quarter of the twentieth century mostly use synthetic dyes. This kilim would have taken many months to complete.

All our kilims selected in the country of origin and are professionally washed and restored before we import them directly from Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. Natural patina and charming imperfections in design and colour (abrash) are highly valued characteristics of hand-woven kilims.

The kilim shown here is a moj, also called jajim. It is a type of kilim that different tribes wove, including the Qashqai. Moj were used to cover the piles of carpets and kilims in nomadic tents, although today they are used as yet another kilim on the ground. This moj has vertical bands, woven from expertly spun wool, thus giving a kilim of great precision. Woven in two halves and joined at the center. The weaver has created a tartan lik pattern combining differente naturally dyed colours.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool

Size: 218×136 cms

Origin: Qashqai, Irán

Date of weaving: 1920-40s

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