Lakai tribe, perhaps fromNorthern Afghanistan, felt camel head-dress with applique stitching and horse-hair tassles, a rare tribal piece in excellent condition. a decorative camel headdress for weddings and other special occasions. The main body is made from pieces of red felt hand-sewn together and embroidered with, perhaps, goat hair. The lining is cotton with red and pink flowers. What sets this camelhead dress apart from similar ones is whole is the lenght of the horsehair tassels, combined with brown plaited sheeps wool tassels. Adorning the top of the head-dress are three upright tufts of horse hair which have been bound.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool, goat hair, camel hair, cotton

Size: 88×65 cms

Origin: Uzbek Lakai tribe from Afghanistan

Date of weaving: 1940s

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