Antique camel ornament from the Kyrgiz tribes, probably from northern Afghanistan. A tribal piece in excellent condition. Made with the knotting technique, which is unusual for camel headdresses, with pressed felt, and horsehair pompoms. As an additional decoration, it has some cowrie shells, which normally symbolize fertility. This decorative ornament was used for special occasions and weddings.

The main body is made with the felt technique, and from this hang ornaments covered with felt that end with horse hair. The inner lining is white cotton. Sheep wool, horse hair, cowrie shells, cotton, metal and even some lights! In mint condition.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool, horse hair, cowrie shells, cotton, metal. 

Size: 61×54 cms

Origin: Kyrgiz tribe, Afghanistan

Date of weaving: 1920s

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