This vintage rug woven by a Qashqai woman has as its main motif the tomb of one of the greatest poets of all time, Hafez.

THE TOMB OF HAFEZ IS in a peaceful, garden setting that drips with an ambience of poetry and romance. The 14th-century writer is considered the Shakespeare of Iran, one of the greatest Persian poets of all time, and a source of national pride.

Hafez’s collected works, the Divān, is regarded as a pinnacle of Persian literature. Most every home in the country contains this book, and it is regularly read and consulted for guidance and inspiration. The poet is revered as a folk hero to this day, and people congregate at his tomb, especially at sunset, to pay their respects.

Located in his home city of Shiraz, Hafez’s tomb lies in the Musalla Gardens, inside an open pavilion encircled by eight columns, topped with a mosaic tiled dome that glows beautifully when lit at night. The current pavilion and surrounding memorial structures were created in 1935, expanding on the original memorial built in 1773.

The marble tomb is engraved with one of the poet’s verses, including these lines:

On the day of my death, give me a minute’s time to set eyes on thee,

Then, from the world and life, I will be set free.

Hafez was born Khwaja Shams-ud-Dīn Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi between 1317 and 1326, and died in 1389. He was a gifted and prolific poet and religious scholar whose unique style was often influenced by verses from the Quran, which he had completely memorized as a child. Hence his pen name became Hafez, meaning “guardian.”

The poems he wrote have a musical lyricism and easy spontaneity that express the spiritual experiences of a mystic in love with the Beloved. Considered the master of the Persian ghazal (a type of romantic verse), his work was an immense contribution to Persian literature and culture.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool   

Size: 105×77 cms

Origin: Qashqai tribe from Iran

Date of weaving: 1970s

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