Our modern Tibetan rugs are handcrafted in a Fair Trade workshop in Nepal that adheres to the ‘Good Weave’ project. The exceptional Himalayan wool is spun and carded by hand. Unless otherwise stated, all of our modern design rugs are created by Alistair Baird exclusively for our San Sebastian store. The designs are sent to Nepal, and after a long process of washing, spinning, carding, dyeing and weaving, we present you these beautiful modern rugs. Other sizes are made on request. These luxurious modern wool rugs aspire to be the antiques of the future!

The name for this rug comes from a small bamboo forest at the site of Venuvana Monastery, Rajgir, India. Venuvana (Pali language) translates as ‘Bamboo forest’ or ‘Bamboo Grove’. Venuvana was the first monastery of the Buddhist Monastic Order, donated by King Bimbisara in the first year after Buddha’s enlightenment. It is a park near Rājagaha so-called because it was surrounded by a wall of bamboo (veḷu). The park was chosen for the the Buddha by King Bimbisāra since it was a quiet spot suitable for meditation as well as being in a convenient location not too far outside the town. The Buddha spent the second, third and fourth rain-retreats (vassa) at Veḷuvana, and after the First Council in the year of the Buddha’s death the monks who had taken part retired there to rest. Many early discourses were preached at this site.

Material: 100% hand-spun Himalayan sheep wool, 100 knots per inch 

Size: 300×225 cms

Origin: Nepal

Date of weaving: New


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