This contemporary Tülü is woven with a combination of sheep and angora wool, obtaning thus a super soft and luxurious rug. The fringes are finished off in a very nice way.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep and angora wool              

Size: 233×168 cms

Origin: Turkey

Date of weaving: New

Tülü means long haired in Turkish. These rugs were made in the past for the purpose of getting warmth and for sleeping. They are soft, usually have vibrant colors and are very shiny. Antique Tülü rugs are some of the most beautiful textile creations in the entire world. They can be identified by their artistic details and luscious texture. Tülü rug patterns are unique but they are mostly based on flowery or vinery designs with something solid or plain for a centerpiece. Tülü rugs are usually woven with a combination of vibrant and earthy tones for balance.

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