An old tribal rug from West Central Turkey, coarsely woven with long strands of colorful angora goat hair (mohair). Such rugs were used as beds, blankets and wall covers to provide warmth and comfort in village homes. 

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool    

Size: 107×70 cms

Origin: Sivrihisar, Turkey

Date of weaving: 1960s

Filikli rugs are a special kind of tulu rugs with even longer mohair piles compared to the all wool tulu rug. You can find filikli rugs consisting of one or several separate wings that are dyed separately and then hand-sewn together. Filik denotes the locks of hair on the sides of kid mohair goats. A filikli weave is made up of warp and wefts and of tufting of 20 to 25 centimeter long bundles of kid fiber attached to the warps and wefts with Gordes knots. Like with tulu rugs, filikli rugs are used for several purposes: As wall decorations, bed or sofa covers, and even as prayer rugs. Besides their many uses, filikli rugs are also known as popular collectibles and textile art. While some are real eye-catchers because of their bright and shiny colors, other examples are simply left in their natural tones or show basic geometric designs.

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