This striking Orange, green, fucsya and lilac Filikli Tulu Rug is a Flat Weave Kilim with tufts of angora wool  into the base kilim, to create the distinctive ”shaggy” / “tufted” texture and appearance unique to these Rugs. Originally woven in Central Anatolia, Turkey by Tribal Weavers up to 60 years ago Tulu rugs served purely utilitarian / functional purposes in nomadic and village homes, with long and shaggy pile and a soft handle for comfort and warmth when used as sleeping or seating mats. Tulu rugs are quite primitive in design, use basically un-dyed wool or limited colors and display very rudimentary weaving techniques.

Material: 100% hand-spun angora wool for the pile and sheep wool for the warp and weft

Size: 145×140 cms

Origin: Sivas, Turkey

Date of weaving: 1960s

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