The Chancay civilization was a pre-Inca civilization that developed on the central coast of Peru, between the years 1200 and 1470 AD. C. that corresponds to the Late Intermediate.

Its center was located 80 kilometers north of Lima. It is basically a desert territorial location, but with fertile valleys bathed by rivers and rich in resources, which allowed, among other things, a high development of agriculture.

Its textiles with needle-embroidered lace and tapestries were of singular notoriety. The technical effects at that time are considered unmatched, having been decorated with fish, birds and also with geometric drawings.

The cloths or gauze had mainly magical-religious purposes and were used to cover the head of the dead in the style of headdresses. According to the beliefs of the time, the threads for these fabrics had to be spun in the shape of an S in a left direction. This thread, which had a magical character, was called lloque and according to legend, the garments were impregnated with supernatural powers and served as protection in the afterlife.

This textile from the Chancay culture is of exceptional finesse and design. It is woven with undyed wool, thus creating contrast and greater expressiveness in the motif. The figure depicted is probably a Peruvian hairless dog.

Material: Wool

Origen: Chancay civilization

Size: 25×12 cms.

8 g.

Date: 1200-1470 A.D.

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