A pall (“palia” in Spanish) is the square piece of cloth, usually reinforced with starch, which is used to cover the chalice during Mass. The pall or hijuela seems to date from the end of the 16th century, since before that date this function was performed by one end of the corporals that folded over the chalice or other folded corporals, according to different regional customs.

It is a square piece of cloth, usually about 12 cms. per side, and generally reinforced with cardboard on the inside. The Pall is used to cover the chalice during Mass and protect its contents from dust, insects, etc. (If it has a round shape it is called a hijuela)

The Pall can only have ornamentation on the upper part, this can be richly decorated. The fabric and color usually match the ornaments, although it can always be white.

Although it is not properly mandated, the same reverence due to sacred things has established in practice that, when preparing the chalice for Holy Mass and placing the paten on the purifier with the Host, on top of it, as if to protect it especially, place the palia, which is a kind of cover. For the part that touches with it, it must be smooth.

It is curious to see how this piece is almost no longer used and that the name of the pall is now given more to the daughter.

This Spanish pall or chalice cover from the 1800s  is embroidered with floral motifs on a fine silk fabric. In perfect state of conservation.

Material: Silk

Size: 49×49 cms

Origin: Navarra, Spain

Made in: 1800s

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