Elegant and sophisticated antique rug from the Aqcha Ersari Turkmen tribe, with the softest and shiniest wool we have ever seen in an antique rug! (photos do not adequately reflect the beauty of this rug). On a maroon background, 5 octagonal güles have been arranged, which have the characteristic Ersari flower with three petals. All dyes are natural.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool   

Size: 216×87 cms

Origin: Aqcha Ersari Turkmen tribes from Afghanistan

Date of weaving: 1940s

Ersari (Turkmen: Ärsary, where Er – brave man, master; sari – light, bright, yellow) are one of the major tribes of the Turkmen people of Central Asia and one of the five major tribes of the country of Turkmenistan.They live mainly in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.. Regarding their rugs and contrary to the custom of the other Turkmen, the Ersaris have no proper gul, or specific tribal motif.

Ersari carpets make more use of yellow than do rugs made by other tribes, and often, in backgrounds, two shades of blue blend or are merged with dark brown in a characteristic fashion.

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