Discover the essence of elegance and craftsmanship with this Adkoy Charshangoo Turkmen rug!

Made from the soft wool characteristic of Turkmen rugs, this piece embodies the feeling of luxury and comfort underfoot. But it’s not just the wool that makes this rug special. Its square size, a rare feature in the world of antique rugs, gives it a unique appeal that can transform any space into a corner of distinction.

The finest quality wool used in this rug not only ensures its durability over the years, but also highlights the rich, deep colors achieved with natural dyes. Each hue tells a story, each hue evokes emotion, and each geometric design captures the essence of Turkmen culture.

In addition, its impeccable state of preservation is testimony to the care and respect it has received over time. This isn’t just a rug, it’s a legacy that can be yours to admire, cherish, and share.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool   

Size: 330×240 cms

Origin: Andkoy Charshangoo Turkmen tribes, Afghanistan

Date of weaving: 1940s


The turkmen are people who speak a language belonging to the southwestern branch of the Turkic languages. The majority live in Turkmenistan and in neighbouring parts of Central Asia and numbered more than 6 million at the beginning of the 21st century. About one-third of the total population lives in Iran, especially in the north, and another 500,000 live in northeastern and northwestern Afghanistan.  These groups are called the Transcaspian Turkmen. Pockets of Turkmen are found in northern Iraq and Syria. Smaller groups live in central Turkey. The territory of the Turkmen is generally arid. They were by tradition a nomadic pastoral people, living in tent villages and raising sheep, goats, horses, camels, asses, and cattle.

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