In the Basque Ocean Rug Series, behold the symphony of the Cantabric Sea and the Basque Coastline, their harmonious embrace immortalized in woven artistry. With hues carefully curated – turquoise blue, grey, white, beige, and ochre – these rugs become mirrors to the soul of the region’s seascapes, reflecting nature’s grandeur. Each rug, bearing the name of a coastal haven, sings a verse of the eternal ode: some pulsate with the dynamic cadence of waves, while others cradle the tranquil serenity of the sea’s embrace. Yet, beyond mere ornamentation, these rugs extend a tender invitation to commune with nature’s timeless pulse, welcoming the enduring beauty of coastal life into the very heart of your home.
All the rugs in the Basque Ocean collection are designed by Alistair Baird and woven in a Fair Trade workshop in Nepal.

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