In this exhibition we try to show the enormous variety of antique prayer and meditation rugs and kilims, used in different regions of the world. The following areas and countries are represented: Caucasus, Himalayas, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. The rugs has also been used by a variety of ethnic groups, and also by different religious groups such as Alevis, Buddhists, Shias, and Sunnis. The exhibited pieces range from the 19th century to the 1960s.

Some rugs are easyly recognizable as a prayer rug, but we made an special effort to exhibit rugs and kilims woven in rural areas and by nomads, full of creativity and inprovisation, that make them into very unusual pieces. These rugs incorporate motives from their natural environment such as plants, animals, nomadic tents, and geometric figures.

The design, motives and sizes varies depending on the religion for which they were woven. For example, in Islamic rugs the format tends to be rectangular since the faithful knel down, whilst the Buddhist rugs tend to be square to accomodate the meditator sitting cross legged on the rug.

In the exhibition we will also do a guided tour where we will explain what is a prayer rug, its function, design, and so on. However, each piede is unique and the tour will be full of surprises an exceptions to the rule.

From the 7th of November to the 6th of December. From Monday to Saturday 10,30 to 19,30. Sundays 11,00 to 19,00 hours.

Guided visits on Thursday 19th and Saturdays 14 and 21 st of November at 18,30 hours.