Sofrehs take their name from the Farsi (Persian) word for cloth and are used for several functions connected with preparing and eating food. Eating cloths are normally referred to simply as sofrehs and vary enormously in size-from small, rectangular mats for personal use to extremelly long, narrow runners for communal eating. They are woven in several standard techniques, including alternating bands of kilim and pile rug, and produced by a number of nomadic and tribal weavers in Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia and to a lesser degree, elsewhere.

This semi antique sofreh or kilim used to make the bread on has a dark background with pretty colour variations within the maroon colour. The borders are striped in two of the sides and composed of small irregular triangles in the other two sides.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool              

Size: 134×105 cms

Origin: Qashqai tribe, Iran

Date of weaving: 1960s 

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