Felt is an ancient technique whose raw material is sheep’s wool. It was in Prehistory when felt began to be used. It is the first textile material created by man, long before learning to weave or spin, and until then it was only dressed with leather, fur and wool. There are several theories about how it could have been discovered, but they all agree that it was something casual. They say that when the animals rubbed against the trees, they left hair stuck and matted that could be the origin or idea for later learning to felt the wool. It is also believed that the clothing and footwear worn by these primitive men, made of fleece. It was originally used by nomadic tribes from Central Asia, Russia and Turkey. . It was an ideal material because although it was thick and long, it was never heavy, it is also resistant to wind, insulates against the cold, withstands the action of rain quite well and retards fire.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool              

Size: 227×142 cms

Origin: Turkey

Date of weaving: New         

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