Ersari carpets are woven by Ersari Turkmen of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Contrary to the custom of the other Turkmen, the Ersaris have no proper gul, or specific tribal motif; consequently, their carpets may have lattices of stepped diamonds, grids of rectangular panels rather like a garden carpet, diagonal rows of small motifs, arrangements of Chinese cloud bands, rows of stylized palm trees, or imitations of Persian herāti and mina khani patterns. Ersari carpets make more use of yellow than do rugs made by other Central Asian tribes. Ersari carpets are more loosely woven than those of the other Turkmens, with softer wool in coarser knotting.

This antique Uzbek rug has a vivid red color, and the use of turquoise green and blue stands out. The guls or octagonal motifs leave enough space in the field that has been filled with eight-pointed stars. All dyes are natural and thanks to them, wonderful color changes arise.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool   

Size: 141×106 cms

Origin: Uzbek

Date of weaving: 1930s 

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