Malayer is a large village located between the major weaving areas of Hamadan and Sarouk in Northwest Persia. The small town of Malayer is situated around 50 miles to the south-east of the city of Hamadan. In Malayer and the small villages surrounding it, production was almost exclusively small antique rugs and runners made by individual weavers in the 19th and early 20th centuries. An extremely limited number of larger Persian carpets up to 10ft by 13ft were woven on the family level in some of the larger villages. Oversize antique carpets are seen very rarely and were woven on commission.

Malayer and the surrounding villages produced some of the most decorative of Persian village weavings. At the finer levels, each Malayer Oriental carpet is distinct, the weavers having drawn on a large pool of designs, investing much originality in their creation. Malayer rugs are normally built on cotton foundations and are examples of true Herati designs.

Malayer rugs often feature rich colors and all-over designs with traditional motifs. The weavers are known for their vast repertoire of designs that use both neutral tones and vibrant colors. The pile of these rugs is typically cut short to highlight the details of the design.

Malayer rugs are versatile and can be used in a range of contemporary design styles or a room of traditional furniture. They also make the perfect foundation for a conversation area with solid color furniture. Persian rugs are the foundation of contemporary room designs, where they add color and a focal point.

Malayer rugs have a tribal feel, but they are also balanced and will create this same feeling throughout the space. They are made from durable wool and have a soft feel and texture. The designs reflect the world around them with traditional motifs and color combinations with a history that goes back centuries.

Since they were village productions it is not very common to find large sizes. This antique malayer rug from around 1870 has a rare and unusual yellow wide border. One small low pile area where the warp and weft are exposed. Otherwise worn evenly. All natural dyes with the yellow of the border and a turquoise blue standing out. The central motif is called Herati.

Material: 100% hand-spun sheep wool

Size: 290×210 cms

Origin: Malayer, North West Persia

Date of weaving: 1870s

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